Jazz Tenor Saxophone
Do Nothing Till You Hear It From Me
by Duke Ellington
It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
by Duke Ellington
The two tracks above are mainstream jazz standards taken from another website of mine which provides live jazz bands for events.

Latin Tenor Saxophone
Danza Nostalgica
by Janet Sherbourne
The above example is from the library album Strictly Latin (POKE 008) by Janet Sherbourne. If you are involved in the media industry and you want to know more about the track or others like it then look at the Boost Music website, who handle the licensing for POKE Records. Anyone can buy the track and others from the album on iTunes (search for Title - Strictly Latin; Artist - Janet Sherbourne). You can also listen to the whole album on Spotify. On the album all the flute and saxophone is by me.

Classical Alto Sax
Excerpt from Albanian Summer
for Alto Saxophone & Piano
by Dave Smith
The above example is from Albanian Summer, an extended work for alto saxophone and piano which we commissioned from Dave Smith with the assistance of fu